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J.L. Kennedy Meats

We operate the J.L. Kennedy Meat Stand at 344 North Sheridan Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, where our family sells our own hand-raised meats every Saturday from 5am-12 noon. This farmer’s market is open year-round and indoors, and was acknowledged by Pittsburgh City Council as the oldest farmer’s market in the city. John & Valarie Kennedy’s 3 children are the fifth generation of Kennedy meat producers to operate the meat sales, where any individual or restaurant or chef may walk in and purchase fresh, individual retail cuts of meat.


We also take orders over the phone Monday through Friday from 9 AM- 9pm at our farm # 724-898-2316, or Saturday mornings at the meat market phone # 412-661-1875.


Our family hand-raises beef, pork, lamb, and poultry items year-round for this meat market, and also offers cut, wrapped, & frozen products to be picked up at the Four Seasons Game Bird Farm location.


What makes this meat special is the way in which the meats are raised by every member of our family. We firmly believe in keeping the human element involved with a hands-on approach to all the daily needs of these pastured animals that graze and are offered hay and the highest quality mix of grains and vegetation like corn, cotton seed, beet pulp, molasses, barley, oats, etc. This end result of perfectly proportioned marbled meats are softer and leaner. We promote top quality local meats because we have seen the way it can change the health in people’s lives, especially knowing where the meat comes from and being assured that our meats are all USDA certified. Our children have learned the work ethic of caring for the daily needs of their beef cattle, hogs, lambs, and poultry, along with the successes of having their meat judged to be champions on many different levels.


Please stop by the J. L. Kennedy Meat Stand on a Saturday morning to support local farming and the conscientious raising of top quality meats. For more information on this farmer’s market visit:




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